Delivering a client focused solution

LedgerComm was founded on the belief that the loan market process is in serious need of an overhaul.

Today, by embracing best in class technology, solving problems quickly and having a strong client focused work ethic, our platform drives a new kind of global financial services company.

Will Nash, Founder

Will's career spans 2 decades in finance, starting at a Hedge Fund (FRM) then going to run credit platforms for 2 of the largest banks in the world MUFJ and HSBC. He started LedgerComm in December last year.

I believe that crises build the best businesses and create catalysts for once in a decade opportunities. My entry to the Hedge Fund world was driven by tough times post the '02 Dot Com crash, I ran and grew a sales businesses at MUFG and HSBC against the backdrops of the 2008 Financial crisis and the 2012 Eurozone recession. Pressure brings out the best in me and really helps me to prioritise what's important.

I am excited by the next stage in my career as an entrepreneur. When you spot an opportunity, sometimes you have to leave your comfort zone and go for it. I believe with the right mix of people, experience and tenacity LedgerComm can execute the the changes the loan market deserves.

Christian Felde, CTO

With more than a decade of fintech experience, Christian has for a long time enjoyed applying technology to solve challenges in the financial services industry.

Having worked for some of the biggest banks and funds in the world, he’s got deep knowledge into the pain points facing the industry. Allowing for correctly managed modern technology to liberate and unlock future growth potential is what drives his agenda.

“I’m excited to work with the rest of the team at LedgerComm, and our clients, in an environment that allows us to excel and bring out the best in both people, process and technology.”

Sharika Chauhan, Partner

Sharika has 14+ years of diverse operational and change management experience, specialising in credit products at institutions including Goldman Sachs, MAN GLG, Morgan Stanley and Oak Hill Advisors.

My goal as COO is to build and deliver a revolutionary digital platform with a scalable infrastructure. Bank loans in particular are overly complex and very labour intensive products to close, so we saw an opportunity to use cutting-edge technology to streamline the process.

It doesn’t matter what product I am working with, be it; Loans, Private Credit or OTC derivatives, I’m always asking “How can we do things better?”. I believe it was only a matter of time before I combined my expertise with my passion to innovate. It's exciting to be building a technologically advanced business from the ground up.

If, at the end of our journey we’ve built a seamless loan closing process and an efficient agency function that delivers a solution I know clients want, (I used to be a client!) then I know we’ve succeeded.

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Intuitive, integrated and frictionless process

Efficient asset transfer and maximisation of IRRs are the cornerstone of investing.

We’re here to make that happen.

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