Life at LedgerComm

We're a small team who describe ourselves as hardworking, fun-loving, adventurous folk. When we are not in lockdown, we’re based out of 5 Merchant Square on Paddington basin. We are also members of the WeWork Fintech & Blockchain Labs, headed up by the awesome Scott Trowbridge. This allows us to leverage a global founder’s network of over 2,500 businesses when we encounter a problem.

Sharika and Will have both worked for some of the biggest banks and Hedge Funds in the world, and right now we are loving our transition to the world of tech. We spotted an opportunity that will allow us to leverage our almost 30+ years of experience while running our own start up company.

Right now, we are focused on delivering our MVP to take our product innovation to the next stage.

As an early stage start up our time is spent juggling 1,000 different things, honestly it feels like if there were 40 hours in the day it still wouldn’t be enough.

Our days (and nights) are spent constantly rethinking existing processes to formulate tech solutions for the future. Throw in creating killer pitch decks, explainer videos and data rooms for all our financials and you get the picture! Our future depends not only on great execution but the flexibility and innovation our next hires can bring to the table.

LedgerComm - working at photos -2 BW
Whiteboard desks. Essential kit for planning the day...
LedgerComm - working at photos -4
Jammin' on our prototype with Grega and the team @ Styliff
LedgerComm - working at photos -1
Walking the streets of Ljublana, Slovenia after our first design sprint.
LedgerComm - working at photos -3
Sharika, our COO, at an orphanage in Munnar, Kerala


Moving to the tech world from finance has really opened our eyes to what is possible in the world of business through collaboration and innovation. Yes, we are applying tech to financial services but culturally we are way more Tech than Fin.

How did we get here?

"Painful, shocking, unbelievable." These were some of the words our clients used to describe the loan settlement process. We know that the existing situation makes most people want to pull their hair out. Consensus like this gave us the confidence to launch a product that we know will be well received. In fact, the most logical investors in our business are our clients.


“Your product is just what the loan market needs”

Trader @ JP Morgan


Our Vision

At LedgerComm, our core purpose is to help clients settle loans quicker than they do today. Market standard is 35 days right now, our goal is to get that down to 2 days. We're introducing some pretty cool technology to a trillion $ market that’s needed an overhaul for a while.

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We don’t view our business as disruptive, but one that enables greater transparency and efficiency to everyone in the loan market: banks, loan funds, corporations and private equity sponsors.

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