To disrupt you need expert knowledge

Our product has been designed by a team with over 50 years dedicated loan market experience. Our expertise covers every part of the debt market - origination, sales, trading & settlement of loans and agency. Leveraging this knowledge has allow us to design a product perfectly adapted for the loan market.

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Will Nash

Founder & CEO

Will has been an Investor (FRM), investment banker (HSBC) and now an Entrepreneur. Will founded LedgerComm having previously spent 10 years running HSBC's bond and loan sales business. The goal is to create a platform that connects users and supplies a great user experience for everyone in the loan market ecosystem - traders, agency teams, closers, law firms, sales teams and portfolio managers.

"In my spare time I negotiate badly with my 3 children and nurture my cricket obsession."

Previous firms HSBC, MUFG and Man FRM.

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Sharika Chauhan

Partner & COO

Sharika brings an encyclopedic knowledge of loan market settlement and deal closing. For 14 years, she has specialised in credit products for some of the world's leading banks and hedge funds including Goldman Sachs, MAN GLG, Morgan Stanley and Oak Hill Advisors.

My goal as COO is to build and deliver a revolutionary digital platform with a scalable infrastructure. Bank loans in particular are overly complex and very labour intensive products to close, so we saw an opportunity to use cutting-edge technology to streamline the process.