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The first digital loan agency

Faster settlement for the corporate loan market

Traditional agency functions performed without delays

Loan settlement shouldn’t be complicated

It takes 1 minute to trade a loan but 35 days on average to settle it. Loans shouldn't take 35 days to settle, processing loan trades shouldn't be a 23 stage manual process involving 4 different firms to sign it off.

By working with and listening to some of the largest loan managers in Europe and the US we were able to identify frustrations and inefficiencies with existing processes. The team at LedgerComm is able to draw on decades of experience to provide an industry leading KYC, onboarding and trade processing platform that will deliver value to customers globally.

There’s a better way using technology and automation

Clients should not have to worry about KYC and onboarding delays, be subject to security concerns, or transaction authenticity. Our new platform allows us to deliver a quality service worthy of a trillion dollar market.

Our clients expect on time, efficient processing of trades. The only asset class in the world to settle slower than corporate loans is physical real estate.

Borrowers have real time visibility on price, trading volume and status of their lender base.

Platform Features

Pre-trade KYC Repository

Terms of Trade Negotiation Tool

Verified Transaction Audit Trail

Experienced Closing Team

Comprehensive Credit Documentation Storage

Automation replaces manual processes

Individual Loan Criteria Identification

Easy-to-Use Personalised Interface

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Intuitive, integrated and frictionless process

Efficient asset transfer and maximisation of IRRs are the cornerstone of investing.

We’re here to make that happen.

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