Specifically developed for faster loan settlement

LedgerComm is the first digital loan agency. Our new platform will slash settlement times in the corporate loan market.

Our platform offers faster closing at every stage of the loan process. Our product is adapted for syndicated loans and private debt. Our proprietary tech offers clients a full suite of digital services for Primary Syndication, Loan Closing and Facility & Security Agency.

Smart contract technology allows us to automate the entire loan settlement process, removing slow manual processes.

Our secure private network allows KYC sharing among users making On-boarding delays a thing of the past.

Our platform will provide instant access to trading records, ownership status and loan documentation.

Clients will be able to log in anytime using secure key technology to identify the status of any trade pending or previously completed.

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Managing loans efficiently at every stage

  • Intuitive Platform to drive your trade to completion

Full suite of end-to-end capabilities from an overview dashboard showing each transaction progress, documentation editor, user permissions and owners.

  • Preloaded KYC that auto flags issues in real-time

Any potential errors or “trade trip ups” will be flagged instantly, allowing all parties involved to be more proactive and focused.

  • Customisation suite to meet your trade requirements

Choose between standard trade terms or create your own bespoke legal documents.

Platform Features

Pre-trade KYC Repository

Terms of Trade Negotiation Tool

Verified Transaction Audit Trail

Experienced Closing Team


Comprehensive Credit Documentation Storage

Smart Contracts Written to Distributed Ledger Technology

Individual Loan Criteria Identification

Easy-to-Use Personalised Interface

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Intuitive, integrated and frictionless process

Efficient asset transfer and maximisation of IRRs are the cornerstone of investing.

We’re here to make that happen.

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