Why do loans need a unique solution ?

Unlike bonds and equities, each loan trade requires multiple legal documents to transfer ownership. This workflow requires loan closers with specialist product knowledge. In addition to this, loans are not always freely transferable and often have restrictions on ownership.

We can’t change the features of a loan but we can use our decades of expertise to design a platform that can:

• Prevent post trade delays

• Move from trade confirmation to settlement within minutes

• Automate workflows around legal title transfer

• Give instant visibility on price and trading volumes

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Managing loans efficiently at every stage

  • Intuitive Platform to drive your trade to completion

Full suite of end-to-end capabilities from an overview dashboard showing each transaction progress, documentation editor, user permissions and owners.

  • Preloaded KYC that auto flags issues in real-time

Any potential errors or “trade trip ups” will be flagged instantly, allowing all parties involved to be more proactive and focused.

  • Customisation suite to meet your trade requirements

Choose between standard trade terms or create your own bespoke legal documents.

Platform Features

Pre-trade KYC Checks

Confirm, allocate and settle trades on 1 platform

Verified Transaction Audit Trail

Experienced Closing Team


Cloud based Documentation Storage

Digital Ledger enables error free payment processing

Automate legal trade documentation

Actively manage lender lists and corporate actions

Intuitive, integrated and frictionless process

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