Parcel tracking for KYC

Why you need a social network for KYC...

KYC delays are the no 1 cause of loan settlement delays. Long settlement makes cash flow modelling for portfolios pure guess works. We've built the solution. KYC is a 2 way street - I need to sign off your KYC, your need to sign off mine before anything can happen. Wouldn't it be great if you could track the status of your KYC like a payment or a flight ? Well now you can. 

Think of our platform like a Facebook for B2B KYC.

Use LedgerComm to store all your KYC documentation relating to your business, people, tax admin and legal structures - like you would with any dataroom provider.

Invite different users into the platform to review your documentation. See your KYC status with others. 

Step 1. Upload your KYC information - investment manager, legal entity, funds, UBO, directors ID, Tax IDs, Financial statements

Step 2. Invite your counterparties to your network

Step 3. Share your KYC details

Step 4. Track your KYC status 

Use that data when closing trades, settling primary syndications or sending payments

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