A dynamic KYC network


Use LedgerComm to store all your KYC documentation relating to your business, people, tax admin and legal structures - like you would with any dataroom provider.

Invite different users into the platform to review your documentation. See your KYC status with others. 

A social network for KYC 

How it works.... 

With our dynamic KYC review system you can spot any potential issues you may have with a firm or a particular fund.

Access who has KYC'd all the funds you want to allocate to on a pre-trade basis. Prevent post trade KYC delays. 

For example if you can buy the same loan at the same price from Bank X or Bank Y , but only Bank X has signed off KYC on the 5 funds you want to allocate to then you can give Bank X the trade - knowing it will settle on time.

  • Share your information with your Approved Counterparties
  • See when they have reviewed your documentation
  • Access KYC status on a pre-trade basis 
  • Create custom reports to see where KYC is blocking trades 

Use it for Borrower KYC

LedgerComm automates KYC data collection for you, ensuring borrowers give you the documents YOU need - organised and filed to your in-platform data-room. You can review, accept & reject these documents on the platform.

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