Infrastructure to help grow your expanding private credit business

The loan market is changing. Private credit managers are asset heavy and infrastructrue light

LedgerComm is a plug and play infrastructure for your private credit portfolio. Our platfrom is built to accomodate the most sophisticated and complex of Private Credit deals, meaning you spend more time sourcing and investing capital and less time on admin. 

  • Perfect for bilateral or club deals
  • Accomodates PIK, Toggle, Split coupon, RCF, DDTL 
  • Build customisable fee schedules 
  • Our software generates, roll over notices, rate fixings and trade documentation
  • Onboard borrowers digital
  • Our platform performs the role of an agent - our Digital borrower portal automates all the reporting required in a transaction over the life time of a loan
  • Get key documents and covenant reporting reports automatically to our email

→ Unified portal to manage debt and loans of a complete portfolio of companies

Private Credit has evolved the loan market and so have we. We know users required better,  more sophisticated tools to manage their portfolios.

Our dataroom is one such example. Datarooms can be opaque dumping grounds for loan docs & financials. We have evolved that concept to allow users to dictate what they need to receive, in what format and when. Structuring data digitally has enbaled us to change the game in terms of how borrowers reporting to agents and lenders. 

Will Nash, Founder & CEO

Spend less time on admin more time on your portfolio

We're taking the heavy lifting out of loan admin. Our scaleable solution helps you access an asset class with large barrier to entry. 


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