Amend loans digitally.

You can now use LedgerComm to run amend & extend, cashless roll and loan amendment processes.

Why you should use it.

  • You’re an agent and you want to track all corporate actions voting digitally
  • You’re a law firm and you’re fed up with collating votes on spreadsheets and word documents until 3am !
  • You’re a PE sponsor and you want to identify which lenders in your syndicate are still in their reinvestment period
  • You’re a Borrower and you want to track who has and hasn’t voted on your amendments in real time
  LedgerComm is ISO27001 certified

To Compare Debt Domain & Lend Amend  


Who is it for ?

  • Agents

  • PE Sponsor

  • Law firms

  • Lenders

  • Banks

Unique features for an evolving market.

Borrowers and lenders require better data and a more flexible product

Reinvestment period visibility

Access which funds in your syndicate are still in their reinvestment period

Cashless roll fund reallocation

Cashless rolls are not simple yes/no votes. LedgerComm allows you to vote your commitment and reallocate to other funds managed by you. Saving you, the borrower and law firms hours of communication via email.

KYC and Permissioned lender check list

Our platform will check your fund KYC status at the agent and also highlight if any of your new funds are on the permissioned lender list.

Enable real time vote tracking for borrowers

Our security protocols allow borrowers and agents to enable sponsors and connected law firms direct access to voting process to track in real time.

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