What our clients say

"Serica chose LedgerComm as its loan infrastructure provider because we needed a platform that helped us organise and automate all the key events around loan life cycle management. Having a user-friendly interface and having access to advanced analytics tools were also a big part of the decision. “

Louise Coffey, Serica Trust & Agency

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if LedgerComm is right for me ?
If you have to perform loan admin as a facility agent, security agent or private credit manager then you're in the right place.
What does your platform do ?
We offer tech to run loan deals. We do all the heavy lifting around interest & fee calculations, settle trades, capture data from borrowers. Our platform is designed to make workflows around loan admin easier - this can be for agents, private credit managers or banks
Is access free for lenders ?
Yes access is free for lenders who are participants to any deal hosted on the LedgerComm platform
How is your product different to LoanIQ?
LedgerComm provides an enhanced experience relative to the the “loan calculator” functionality associated with LoanIQ. On our platform the agent is responsible for the maintenance of a golden source of books and records for each loan. This means there is no need for manual reconciliation of positions and notices across involved parties or time wasted at key pinch-points like restructurings and amendments. Our borrower side portal allows digital covenant monitoring, self-service utilisation requests and repayments and instant notification to agent, lender and borrower for key events in a loans life cycle.
LedgerComm is also a loan settlement platform right ?
Yes - LedgerComm is settlement platform and a loan accounting tech all on 1 set of rails.
Is LedgerComm a trading platform ?
No lenders can book trades but not electronically execute them.
How can I sign up for the KYC data hosting?
Contact us and we will allow you access.
How much does LedgerComm cost?
We charge for each loan added to the platform. The admin agent pays for the infrastructure.
What are the benefits for syndicated lending?
LedgerComm connects a borrower, agent and lenders to a loan transaction. This means lenders are able to receive instant notification around any key events like paydowns or utilisation events.
How does your business reduce operational risk for clients?
We automate all interest and fee calculations for agents and use our tech to apply workflow logic to prevent mistakes being made.
Are you ISO27001 certified ?
Yes & ISO90001. Our tech is audited to the highest industry standards every year.
Is data encrypted on your site ?
All data sent to or from LedgerComm is encrypted in transit using 256 bit encryption. Our API and application endpoints are TLS/SSL only. We also encrypt data at rest using an industry-standard AES-256 encryption algorithm. On top of this we have column level encryption in our app to further prevent access to your secure data.
How do you connect to ClearPar?
We don't, we have created our own settlement platform linked to our loan accounting system.
Tell me more about your dataroom offering?
Think of our dataroom as your Onedrive & a virtual dataroom for clients rolled into 1. You can store documents for you own needs and you can store and publish clients documents to lenders in the facilities you manage