Manage transactions faster
and more transparently.

Primary funding days, corporate actions and data aggregation are the biggest frustrations for debt capital markets.

  • Aggregate all your lender data on 1 platform
  • Get real time payment visibility on funding days
  • Keep up-to-date with Instant analytics on your facilities and lenders
  • Move through corporate actions quicker than ever before


→ Unified portal to manage debt and loans of a complete portfolio of companies

We wanted a platform that offers a great user experience to everyone in the loan market ecosystem - traders, agency teams, closers, law firms, sales teams and portfolio managers.
Will Nash, Founder & CEO

Bank loans are overly complex and very labour intensive products to close, so we saw an opportunity to use cutting-edge technology to streamline the process.
Sharika Chauhan, Partner & COO

It takes 1 minute to trade a loan
but 40 days on average to settle it.

Loans shouldn't take this long to settle and processing loan trades shouldn't be a 23 stage manual process involving 4 different firms to sign it off.

Until now, no one has been able to offer straight through processing of loan trades from confirmation through to settlement.

How does LedgerComm compare to the tools currently in use?

Our complete solution covers pre-trade matching, trade execution and confirmation all the way through to settlement.
With everything on one platform we allow clients to close loan trades quickly with minimal effort.

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