Loan agency with a difference

How are we different?

The loan market currently doesn't have an end to end system that takes trades from execution to settlement. So we decided to build one.

We provide all traditional agency functions required in loan transactions but with a settlement platform that allows straight through processing (STP) of trades.

Our complete solution covers pre-trade matching, trade execution and confirmation all the way through to settlement. With everything on one platform we allow clients to close loan trades quickly with minimal effort.

Simple, automated trade execution and settlement, delivers a low touch, tech enabled platform that customers can trust.

Why did we choose to set up a debt administration business ?

We have a lot of loan market experience, we could see that our customers were receiving a really poor level of service.

Our customers are corporations, banks and institutional lenders. They are highly sophisticated institutions who require transparency, liquidity and fast settlement. The current market standard is 40 days to settle a loan. This level of customer service wouldn't be tolerated in the consumer market so why should institutional investors get such a raw deal?

The loan market is a house with broken plumbing. By fixing the plumbing we make the market more transparent and more liquid. By enabling a more liquid, observable market we can expand the number of investors who can buy loans. This benefits corporate borrowers who will benefit from cheaper borrowing and lenders who will have a more liquid, clearable product.

"A faster settlement window would reduce the difference between loans and bonds. Investors might be attracted to loans that are senior to bonds, but are currently put off by how long loan trades take to settle."

Source: 2019 European Commission’s report – ‘EU loan syndication and its impact on competition in credit markets.