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A tech solution to the loan market

LedgerComm is a tech innovator in the debt administration space.

We specialise in corporate loan settlement.
LedgerComm blends the expertise needed to handle complex loan transactions as a loan agent with new technology to service the trading and settlement of these loans in the secondary market.

We deliver a low touch, tech enabled platform that customers can trust.


Loan settlement shouldn’t be complicated

It takes 1 minute to trade a loan but 40 days on average to settle it. Loans shouldn't take this long to settle and processing loan trades shouldn't be a 23 stage manual process involving 4 different firms to sign it off.

Until now, no one has been able to offer straight through processing of loan trades from confirmation through to settlement.

Loan agency explained....

LedgerComm is an independent Loan Agent. In a loan transaction, our firm sits between borrowers and lenders. Loan agents administer assets and debt facilities for borrowers. Loan agents often safeguard assets on behalf of lenders, process trades and maintain a ledger of ownership (like a a share register). Agents handle all communications and any payments to lenders from borrowers.

Our product is adapted for syndicated loans and private debt. Our proprietary tech offers clients a full suite of digital services for Primary Syndication, Loan Closing and Facility & Security Agency.

Our business offers all the functions of a traditional loan agent with the added kicker of a tech platform to allow clients to close their trades quicker. Through great product design and technology, LedgerComm allows clients to take control of the process, saving time, cost and unnecessary admin.

Platform Features

Pre-trade KYC Repository

Terms of Trade Negotiation Tool

Verified Transaction Audit Trail

Experienced Closing Team

Comprehensive Credit Documentation Storage

Automation replaces manual processes

Individual Loan Criteria Identification

Easy-to-Use Personalised Interface